Digital Indemnities

Convert your paper indemnity or waiver into more than just a signature with 1Tick.

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Convert your current indemnity into a digital indemnity and get rid of clipboards, unreadable data, lost information and physical storage space with 1Tick.
  • Professional check-in online & offline
  • Paperless system
  • Readable & reliable information
  • Legal email marketing data collection solution
  • Real-time analytics and demographics
  • Securely store and find indemnities
  • Easy exportable data
  • Greater control over your business
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with all platforms


Option 1
  R125 – 0-100 indemnities p/m

Option 2 
R195 – 101-250 indemnities p/m

Option 3 
R349 – 251-500 indemnities p/m

Option 4 
R549 – 501+ indemnities p/m

1Tick is compatible with smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Radtrax is an outdoor recreational facility which attracts many kids, young and old and therefore required the use of disclaimer forms. Using paper was always a mission as they would either get lost or torn and were hard to store and sometimes hard to read. Moving to online digital disclaimer has proven to be such an easy, stress free transition. Using 1tick online indemnity forms, has made it easy for us to customize our indemnity form based on whichever criteria we need. The added benefit is that it all gets saved to a database which we can access when we’d like. Saving us time and storage space. This has helped us gather client information and preferences which we can then use to contact interested clients to let them know about new, exciting promotions.


Operations Manager , Creative Events Solutions

What do you use 1Tick for? Indemnity of our trips as well as gear rental forms.  How does 1Tick help you? 1Tick has helped us enormously with our indemnity as well as gear rental forms. We are saving a lot on paper as well as pens. It also provides us with an online database of customer email addresses for marketing purposes which we previously had to capture from the indemnity form of which a lot was captured incorrectly due to the clients handwriting. As environmentally continous dive centre 1Tick has also helped to improve our carbon footprint.  How do you use 1Tick requesting clients to sign your indemnity? Via iPad
What is the biggest pain that 1Tick has taken care of? Creating a client database, paper wasting and improving our carbon footprint.


General Manager, Shark Explorers

Thank you 1Tick for providing us with affordable and simple to use online indemnities. We are so happy to have all our indemnities stored online and safe in one place with easy access to all my customers data at anytime. The customer relations have been on point and all my queries answered swiftly. I would highly recommend this service for anyone looking for an online indemnity solution. Brad

Owner , Trail Tuned Adventure Tours

How does 1Tick help you? It is convenient, paperless, conforms to the POPI law and I love the data information that you can retrieve from all the complete indemnities. How do you use 1Tick?  When a client confirms an event with us we send through the link to our 1Tick page and ask the client to send this with the electronic invitation on a Whatsapp to their guests. I also have an indemnity form section on my website which a client can go to and complete the indemnity. What did you use previously? Previously we sent a word document which the client printed prior to the event and asked the guests to sign on the day. 


Owner, Battlefield Live SA



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