Digital forms frequently asked questions

Are electronic signatures legal?

Advantages of digital forms?

Can I export my data?

Are electronic signatures legal?

The ECT Act defines an electronic signature (physically written out or a tick box) as data “attached to, incorporated in, or logically associated with other data” and which is “intended by the user to serve as a signature”. The ECT Act (at Section 13(2)) further provides that “an electronic signature is not without legal force and effect merely on the grounds that it is in electronic form”.  This clearly indicates that electronic signatures are legally recognised. 

What separates 1Tick from other online form solutions?

  • Your clients do not need to sign in when they complete our forms
  • The form complies to Indemnity/waiver legal regulations by including the necessary information required by the Electronic Act
  • Your forms are saved on a secure server.
  • It is easy to edit and create new forms
  • Our system does not allow the client to edit their answers
  • Our system is POPI act compliant
  • We don’t have a limit on the amount of completed forms
  • Our system includes cloud storage
  • The dashboard and storage are password protected
  • It is easy to search for completed forms
  • We are the most affordable online form software on the market
  • It is easy to download the required information onto a spreadsheet

Does 1Tick comply with the POPI Act & GDPR?

Yes!  In the process of developing 1Tick Digital forms (Indemnities and registration platform) we have taken the utmost care to stay within the data regulations and the law of the country.  As our business is focused on data collection on behalf of our clients, particular attention has been given to the POPI Act. (Protection of Personal Information Act) and (GDPR).

Being a data collector (operator) our main focus is security of data, and we have chosen to host 1Tick with Xneelo, one of the most reliable and biggest hosting companies in South Africa & Europe.  They support the new international (GDPR) and local (POPIA) laws regarding data protection which are currently coming into effect.

1Tick and its entire staff are up to date with the current regulations and will do our utmost to comply with these regulations. 

Are my signed indemnities safe and secure?

Yes, SSL and Digital Certificates get used. SSL (secure sockets layer) is an encryption technology that creates an encrypted connection between the web server and your visitor’s web browser, so that confidential information can be transferred. We also use Xneelo as our hosting partner and all data is stored on dedicated, robust RAID storage arrays, providing data redundancy and integrity.

Where are your signed Indemnities/waivers kept?

As soon as your client has completed your indemnity and ticked that they accept the terms and conditions laid out in your form, our system generates a PDF that is stored on a server hosted by Xneelo.

You access this data by logging into the backend of your account and navigating to signed indemnities. Here you can download your signed PDF’s onto your computer or just leave them on our server.

We host with Xneelo as they are one of the best hosting companies in the world, with a reliable, stable, secure product, backed-up by the best service you will ever experience.

We have also opted for the extra website security by Cloudbric. The product gives comprehensive website level protection above the normal security already supplied by Xneelo.

All data is backed-up daily.

For more information about Xneelo visit their website

Does 1Tick work offline?

With you can let your clients sign offline and sync your data as soon as you are online. The signed documents will be uploaded to your online back-office as soon as you are reconnected. This allows for secure, uninterrupted workflow under all network conditions. Available on IOS and Android.

What type of business can use online indemnities?

Any business that requires their clients to sign an indemnity / consent form / registration form / terms and conditions or check-in, including adventure businesses, spas, salons, skin care clinics, schools, kids adventure activities, playgrounds, events, expos, parties, tattoo piercing, beauty, adventure parks, surf-SUP-diving-schools, gyms, shooting ranges, tour operators, and more.

What are the advantages of digital online forms?

  • Creates an image of professionalism
  • Data can be stored and searched for easily
  • Online forms can be edited quickly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective and efficient
  • Usable and accurate data
  • Time-saving
  • Excellent market research features
  • Readable data 
  • No printing, scanning of documents 
  • Realtime data

Do I have to sign a long-term contract with 1Tick?

No. There are no long-term contracts and you can switch plans or cancel at any time.

How does 1Tick charge for its services?

You will be billed according to the number of forms signed / completed.  Click here for our pricing structure.

What happens to my information if I cancel my 1Tick account?

On cancellation you can request to store your completed forms, this service will cost R50.00 per month. If you do not require this service your information will be deleted permanently after 3 months.

How can I find details of a client that has signed before?

Signed forms are stored under the signed forms tab in your dashboard.  These forms can be searched using the following criteria: Surname, Email or Contact number.  There are also date and form parameters to choose from.

How can I ask clients to opt-in for email marketing?

This is a simple procedure with 1Tick.  Just include the following question on your digital form.

Subscribe to our Newsletter (YES/NO).   Once they have opted in for future marketing correspondence, you can legally add them to your Newsletter mailing list.  The POPI Act & GDPR now makes this process compulsory.

How can I export my data?

All your data / completed forms are kept under the signed forms tab in your account. On this page you will find an EXPORT DATA button.  You can choose the date range and then export all the signed forms information (questions that you included on your form) into a spreadsheet.

Are my credit card details safe with 1Tick?

Yes they are. We use credit card payments gateway Payfast. PayFast is a PCI DSS level 1 service provider so you can be assured of peace of mind with their top-notch security.

Will 1Tick use my clients' data?

No, by law we can’t.

Can I use 1Tick for events?

Yes you can. Many event companies use our software for once-off events. 

Can I add my own custom questions?

All your data/completed forms are kept under the signed forms tab in your account. On this page you will find an EXPORT DATA button.  You can choose the date range and then export all the signed forms information (questions that you included on your form) into a spreadsheet.

Can a parent/guardian sign in multiple minors?


Can I upload my company logo to my profile?

Yes you can.