Tattoo parlour and artists indemnity and procedure consent forms.

Whether you spell Tattoo parlour with a U or not, it means the same thing, here you will find some of the country’s best tattoo artists prepared to decorate your skin with original designs or a tattoo flash of your choice. It is also common practice to sign an indemnity and or a procedure consent form before the work starts. This is where 1Tick comes in.

Pulling out a faded piece of paper and letting the client scribble some unreadable information down is not going to assist in taking your tattoo studio to the next level.

Giving the client a tablet or smart phone with a well thought out questionnaire and a legal consent form, with terms and conditions drawn up by a lawyer is going to create an image of professionalism that will separate you from all the other tattoo shops in your area.

Once you have this data, 1Tick will assist you in storing it and using the information to keep in contact with your clients. We all know, once you have the first ink done you will be back for more, so make sure you stay in contact with your customers. To do this they must opt in for this communication.

On a digital platform such as 1Tick, this information is easily and legally collected, sorted, and can be exported into any E Newsletter service via a simple csv file.

Here with an example of such a Tattoo consent procedure form, including data collection questions, just click here to sample it.

The best part is for a third of the price of an average ink toner you too can go digital. 1Tick starts at R100 per month for a maximum of 100 forms. Click here to sign up