Digital online indemnity and registration forms for event companies

As an event organizer you know all about being organized and efficient. 1TIck is just another tool to make your life easy. If you need an event registration form or waivers signed by all the participants, this is where 1Tick online form creation platform can assist you.

In just a few easy steps you will have an URL link to forward to all the participants. Data is then collected in your secure 1Tick account and can be exported into an excel spreadsheet.

The form design process is quick and user-friendly. Choose from a list of prepopulated questions or simply tailor make your own. Add them to your form, insert your T&C’s and press save. The system generates an URL that you then can load on any devise, convert into a QR code or email, WhatsApp, or SMS to your customers.

1Tick can also collect demographical data and legally obtain permission for future communication within the POPI regulations.

The following billing structure is available for once off events:

R 395.00 for events smaller than 500 participants (sign up)

R 595.00 for events bigger than 500 participants (sign up)

Click here for an example of an online event registration form