Parental Consent Forms

As a principal or teacher, you are most likely aware of the fact, that the department of education requires all children attending a school outing or sporting event organised by the school to sign a consent form.

The emphasis of these forms is generally not to absolve the school, teachers, or drivers from liability, but to make the parent or guardian aware of the activities that will take place during this outing.

Most education boards across the country have made it mandatory for these forms to be completed but also state that the form does not waiver the parents right to claim for damages in the event of an incident.

1Tick has taken the recommended department of education’s layout and digitalized the form making it easy for teachers to collect and store these consent forms. Thisform can be sent via SMS, WhatsApp, D6-communicator, or emailed to the parents. On completion of the form the parents and the teacher/school will receive a PDF copy. The forms are also displayed in your 1Tick account for easy reference.

Each event or outing has a distinct form stating the date and event name, making it easy to search for past events and to cross check with the class list.

No more little pieces of scrupled up paper, full of some sticky stuff from the bottom of a kid’s suitcases.

This solution is quick, easy, and affordable. Starting from as little as R 100 a month depending on the number of forms signed.

Click on the link below for an example of a digital consent form.