Digital forms for the Travel Industry

1Tick was originally developed for the adventure and experience industry but due to the many similarities to other sectors in the travel industry, such as tour operators and transfer company indemnities, it has been easy to expand and assist these travel industry companies too.

With 1Tick’s online digital platform you can quickly convert your current paper and clipboard indemnity system into a professional user-friendly system. Once you have copied the questions and text across, the system generates an URL that can be used on any smart devise. The completed forms are stored safely in your 1Tick account. From here the data can be downloaded into excel or just simply stored with us.

Your tour guides and drivers no longer need to worry about misplacing the signed forms. As soon as the client has completed the form the office will receive a notification and the client will get emailed his copy for future reference. In case of an accident the forms are available for quick reference by the office, they are also accurate and readable.

These digital forms can collect data such as medical information, marketing analytics and general survey questions. No more boxes of forms lying somewhere in a storeroom never to be used again. 1Tick also makes POPI Act regulations easy to implement.

DMC’s can also easily convert their current booking and indemnity forms giving their travel consultants clear and legible information to work with.

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