Convert your current indemnity into a digital indemnity. Get rid of clipboards, unreadable data, lost information and physical storage space… 1Tick Online Indemnities.

Features – Managing your Indemnities & Data Analytics:

  • Centralized back office where you can create new Indemnities or Consent forms,
  • View your Realtime Data, Export your data and Account details.
  • Realtime Analytics (demographics and more) for free.
  • Export your data into a Spreadsheet for easy uploading into an Email Marketing solution.
  • Search and Find any indemnity in a second by using a last name or cell phone number.
  • Sign ins allow you to see how many participants visits you daily.

Features: Collecting your Digital Indemnity and Consent forms:

  • Add your Digital Indemnity | Consent Link to your Email, send it via WhatsApp, Messaging and let clients complete the form prior to their visit.
  • Turn your Tablet | Laptop | Desktop | Smart Phone into a dedicated Indemnity Kiosk with your unique Digital Indemnity | Consent Link.
  • Download each Indemnity / Consent form as a PDF as and when required
  • Optimized for all screen sizes.
  • Offline Indemnities available on IOS and Android.

Features: Customize your digital Indemnity | Consent or registration form: 

  • Add Unlimited Questions onto your Digital Indemnity as you require (Mulitple Questions, Drop down fields, Check boxes or Open fields etc)
  • Set up your Indemnity / Consent form for Adults or minors and both.
  • Create as many digital Indemnity / Consent forms as you need.
  • Edit your Indemnity in your font & colors and upload your business logo.

Features – Security:

  • With 1Tick all your Indemnities / Consent forms are securely stored, FOR LIFE. 


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