1Tick’s best digital online form features

Quick and easy form creation
Searchable and exportable data
Real time Analytics
Professional PDF creation

Create a digital form in minutes

One of 1Tick’s best features is the fact that it is quick and easy to create a form. Herewith a short description of the process.

Step 1) Name your form.

Step 2) Add your questions. Choose from a basic list or tailor-make your own.

Step 3) Insert your terms and conditions or Liability/waiver text.

Step 4) Save and copy the URL.

Step 5) Load this URL on your smart device or send directly to your clients. Once clicked on the URL opens into a digital online form.

Click here for a full detailed description on how to create a digital form.

2) Professional and neat PDF

Once your client has completed the form, the system automatically sends a PDF with all the completed questions and answers to you and the client. Click here to download an PDF example.

3) Compatible with all computers and smart phones

1Tick seamlessly works on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. 1Tick can also be used on Android or iOS and is also compatible with most communally used web browsers.

4) SMS alert feature

If you included this standard question on your form: Any Medical Condition, we need to be aware of. When the client ticks yes, the system will send the person responsible on the day an SMS to make them aware of the situation, the form will also be highlighted in your dashboard.

5) Searchable data

The data from the completed forms are stored in your secure 1Tick back office. Here you can search for client forms by surname, date, or form type.

6) Real Time Analytics

If you choose to include our suggested demographical data questions, the 1Tick system will create a series of graphs displaying this data. This information will be especially useful for business planning and marketing decisions.

7) A secure and POPI Compliant platform

For further details on security and POPI compliance please see our FAQ page.

8) Easy exportable data

With just a click of a button selected information can be downloaded into spreadsheet format. Click here to download a spreadsheet example created by 1Tick data.

9) API Integrations

An example of an API’s we have developed is with a company called Floodin. Floodin is a video and photo sales APP for guides. Once the client has completed his 1Tick form the system automatically sends the data to Floodin. On conclusion of the activity the client receives a link to download or purchase his photos and videos.