Adventure business indemnities

Simplify and Professionalize Your Adventure Business Operations.

Here at 1Tick, we offer the best and most affordable online digital indemnities and waivers for adventure activities. The outdoor adventure industry has been at the forefront of implementing digital indemnities or waivers due to the nature of the industry.

It’s common practice for anyone participating in adventure activities with an element of risk to complete a Release of Liability, a Risk Agreement Form, an Indemnity Form, or a Claims Waiver. Adventure wouldn’t be adventure without an element of risk, and signing an indemnity is just one step in making clients aware of the dangers and risks involved in the activities they’re about to embark on.

However, handing a clipboard and pen to clients to sign a piece of paper creates an image of obsolescence. This is not the message you want to convey to clients before they start their adventure activities.

Streamline Operations with 1Tick

1Tick has simplified, streamlined, and professionalized this process with our easily implemented indemnities and consent software. Our solution is perfect for all adventure activities, including rafting, abseiling, shark cage diving, mountain biking, scuba diving, kayaking, horse riding, and hundreds more commercial adventure activities available to the public.

Elevate Client Experiences

With 1Tick, your clients can experience a seamless and efficient check-in process, enhancing their adventure of a lifetime with your company.



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