Indemnity and consent forms for the health and wellness centres, Spas and Gyms.

Having your clients complete a waiver or consent form is not just about collecting information but serves as a legal purpose in the wellness industry too. Most courts of law accept a comprehensive waiver or indemnity. It is also common knowledge that this document does not allow you to be irresponsible or negligent, so the responsibility still lies with the venue and the owner to offer safe treatments and advice to their clients.

Forms that can be digitalised for the Wellness industry include:

  • Application forms
  • Client information forms
  • Registration forms
  • Emergency contact details
  • Indemnity and waivers
  • Consent forms
  • Health evaluation surveys
  • Feedback surveys
  • Payment information
  • Intake forms
  • Treatment options
  • Etc

Our system allows you to quickly design any of the above forms with tailormade headings, logos, and questions for your gym or salon. Then just insert your terms and conditions and the form is ready to use. The URL that gets generated can be installed on or forwarded to any smart devise allowing the clients to sign on arrival or complete the form in their own time at home.
The following is an example of a Fitness survey on the 1Tick platform. Click here to try it out.

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