Health, Wellness and SPA’s

Go paperless and convert your current paper consent forms for your business into electronic consent and indemnities on provides an efficient, secure and trusted software solution for your Health, Wellness and Spa’s. 

Get clients to sign ahead of time and send your secure consent / indemnity link via email, what’s app or message.

Clients n also complete your form on arrival on your secure digital indemnity and waiver link on any smart device or let clients scan a QR code and let them complete your form on their own smart phone. 

What it does – Health, Wellness and Spa’s: 

  • Digital check-in
  • Electronic waiver signature
  • Electronic Indemnity signature
  • Digital Registration
  • Consent agreement
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Build your database
  • Client gets an automated copy

Click, Search and Export to excel: allows you to easily click and search each signed PDF per client. All your client data gets pushed to exell to help build that client database for targeted marketing campaigns. Easily export data into exell, and import into your favourite email marketing tool and CRM.

PDF’s can be downloaded or printed.  

Get realtime data and analytics:

With our build in realtime data analysis you can better understand your clients behaviour and make better strategic decisions.

Ask standard questions like name and contact details or go more in-depth and ask questions like health specific questions, for instance if you require consent from clients for a procedure they can now simply give it electronically.

Or marketing questions like:

  • How did you hear about us
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Which city you from