How to create a digital online form.

Following is a detailed description of how to create a digital online form using the 1Tick platform. Our system is very user-friendly with emphasis on simplicity. The complete process from signup to your first complete digital online form will only take you a few minutes.

Step 1

Register online. To create an online form using 1Tick you will first need to register an account with us. Click here to sign-up. Please note You will require a credit card to complete the registration process.

Step 2

Navigate to your account by clicking on the Login tab on the 1Tick home page.

Step 3

Navigate to the Edit my Account tab. Here you can complete your business information that was not requested during sign-up. This is also the page where you can load your logo that will appear on your form.

Step 4

Navigate to the Create/Edit form tab. Click on the + sign on the left of the page.

Step 5

A Blue block will appear. This is your form details page. Insert your form name and form sequence number here. Here you also choose your type of form. There are 5 types of forms to chose from. When your client opens his URL, it will default into 1 of these options. For example, if you choose the basic form for adults with minor dropdown option the form will start by asking the client if he is an adult or a minor.

Step 6

It is now time to add your questions. The first 3 questions on the left are compulsory and cannot be changed. These fields are used to run the system.

On the right are the questions you can add to your form. The first four under the signed Form Tab fields will appear in your signed form dashboard if you include them. These are not compulsory fields.

To add a filed just click on the + sign. Once the question has been added the field will turn blue.

Step 7

Now add the Data Tab Fields. These questions create demographic information graphs on your dashboard. Again, these questions are not compulsory.

Step 8

If you need further questions that are not included in the above two options, you can customize your own questions under YOUR ADDITIONAL FIELDS. Just click on Create new field. This block will appear. The input type will give you layout options such as date fields, dropdown menus and tick boxes.

Step 9

Now insert your terms and conditions or liability wording into the block below your questions on the left of the screen. Once you have inserted your text you just press Save.

Step 10

Scroll back up. On the top right you will find your unique URL. Copy this or just click on it to open your digital form. Like any other website link, you can forward this to any smart phone or computer. Your clients simply click on the link and your digital form will open for their convenience. As soon as they have completed the form you both will receive a copy via email and the data will appear in your 1Tick account.

create an online form