Digital consent forms for the Healthcare industry

The form mostly used in the medical industry is the consent form also known as release forms. These documents are basically written permission between patients and healthcare professionals regarding the procedure they are about to receive. They must include the following information: A research description, risk elements, alternative solutions, and compensation. The form should also include, both parties contact details a confidentiality clause and what type of consent is given. It is important that these forms are compiled by a legal professional specializing in your specific medical field.

What 1Tick does, is digitalize the consent or release form making the distribution and filing simple and professional. Once the patient completes the form, your medical practice and the patient receive a PDF copy via email with all the relevant details. The form can be completed on any smart devise.

Your administration staff can login to the practices’ 1Tick account to confirm receipt and quickly check if the form has been completed correctly. The advantage of our digital forms is that the information is clear and readable and easy to find. Forms are safely stored in the cloud and information can be downloaded in spreadsheet format.

1Tick can however digitalise any form required by any of the 70 and more medical fields, including Dentistry, Physiology, Cardiology, Oncology, Paediatrics, Surgery and sports medicine.

Here with a rudimentary example of how the form looks and works, please keep in mind that any questions can be added or deleted from this mock up.

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