Film Industry online Digital forms and documents

If there ever was an industry that needed to digitalise their forms and documents, it is the film industry. The list of forms that needs to be completed just to shoot a short commercial is astounding. For every phase from Pre-production to production there is a variety of documents that need to be completed.

1Tick will help digitalise and once completed will store all these forms in one easy to use and search platform.

Here with a few examples of forms that we can convert into an online form that can be completed on any smart phone or tablet.

  • Location scouting and release documents
  • Casting sheets
  • Health and safety forms
  • Risk Assessments
  • Press release checklists
  • Sound reports
  • Sign-in
  • Talent release

Basically, any form with a sequence of questions and terms and conditions that need to be agreed to. Questions can be in the form of drop-down menus or tick boxes to facilitate a quick completion.

Here with an example of a short location scouting sheet that has been digitalized by 1Tick. This data will appear in your 1 Tick account and a copy of the form will be emailed to the appropriate person. The information can also be downloaded onto a spreadsheet. Complete the form to get an example of the PDF layout emailed to you.