If you require your clients & employees in the Tourism and Hospitality industry to agree to your Coronavirus Protocols or other Policies, you can now ask them to sign your declaration digitally .

Try the DEMO HERE to see how your clients will experience your digital form.

On arrival Clients and their Guests can sign your COVID-19 protocol electronically on any smart device. Staff and 3rd Party suppliers can check- in electronically. Clients or Staff can simply scan a QR code or open a link on their mobile and check-in Electronically. You can have tablets available.

Convert your current pen and paper forms into a digital solution that’s Safe and Secure.
Make it convenient for yourself and clients to sign: 

  • Coronavirus Protocols (Clients, Staff and 3rd Party suppliers)
  • Indemnity
  • Waivers
  • Consent forms
  • Check-In
  • Disclaimers 
  • Equipment Rental agreement 
  • Registration
  • Guest Information form for Accomodation, Hospitality, Attraction and Activity Company.

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11 Reasons for Using a Electronic Signature and Data Capturing software 1Tick.co.za:

  • Each form gets signed electronically.  
  • Each form gets saved in a pdf on the cloud with a date, time and IP address stamp.
  • Each form can be signed on arrival or prior to arrival via any smart device or the clients own device. 
  • Send the link via message, email or convert the Secure link into a QR code making it easy for clients to scan on arrival. 
  • All client data that you request on the form gets saved in the cloud and pulled into excel automatically. Great Analytics for marketing and sales. 
  • If you are a business with no or low internet we also have an offline version which syncs the data when its online again. 
  • We are POPI and GDPR compliant
  • Add your own logo.
  • Login from anywhere. 
  • No paper > No Scanning > No Printing > No Physical Storage > No Attachments – Simply Send To Clients to Complete Online. 
  • Less cost and Less admin required. 

Subscription per month: https://www.1tick.co.za/south-african-monthly-pricing/

  • Basic – 0-100 new signed forms per month – R100 pm.
  • Standard – 101-500 new signed forms per month – R125 pm.
  • Premium – 500+ new signed forms per month – R195 pm.

*cancel anytime 
*no long term contracts 
If you wish to pay yearly – https://www.1tick.co.za/south-african-annual-pricing/

Any questions please do get in touch. 
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